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Meet Choisette Damus - A Beacon of Holistic Healthcare

Melding Expertise and Compassion in Every Care
With over two decades of dedicated service in the medical field, Choisette Damus, the esteemed Director of Ravissante Health and Wellness Services, exemplifies expertise, compassion, and innovation in patient care. As a Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner, Choisette is a testament to unwavering commitment and relentless pursuit of excellence in healthcare.

A Journey Carved in Professional Excellence

From Learning to Leading – A Tale of Skill and Dedication
Choisette’s academic and professional journey is adorned with accomplishments and contributions that have significantly impacted acute and subacute care settings. She holds a Master of Science in Nursing from South University, Tampa and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Loyola University of Chicago.

Core Competencies

A Spectrum of Skills for Comprehensive Care
Her extensive experience encompasses various roles including a Family Nurse Practitioner at esteemed institutions like Orange County Health Services, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, and as the CEO at Premier Health Academy. Each role has been a chapter, adding depth to her expertise in cardiac, medical/surgical, trauma, prenatal, addictions treatment, high-risk, and home care procedures.

Cardiac/Surgical Intensive Care

Specializing in critical heart and surgical care, offering personalized, expert treatments ensuring optimal recovery and enhanced quality of patient life.

Critical Care Focused Assessment/Diagnosis

Implementing precise, detailed assessments and diagnostics to ensure accurate, effective treatments for patients in critical care, enhancing recovery prospects.

Complex Chronic Illness Nursing

Expert management of chronic illnesses, providing comprehensive, personalized care plans that focus on symptom alleviation and quality of life improvement.

Education/Preceptor Needs Identification

Identifying and addressing educational needs for both patients and budding professionals, ensuring informed care decisions and enhanced professional practice quality.

Advanced Life Support

Providing immediate life-saving interventions during emergencies, utilizing advanced techniques and technologies to stabilize patients effectively.

Patient Education Resource Optimization

Enhancing patient knowledge with optimized educational resources, empowering informed health decisions and proactive participation in their care journey.

Evidence-Based Clinical Medicine

Employing the latest scientific research to inform clinical practice, ensuring treatments are effective, safe, and tailored to individual patient needs.

Affiliations and Achievements

A Legacy of Recognition and Continuous Learning
Choisette is a revered member of the Florida Nurse Practitioner Network and the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. Recognitions such as the South University Graduate Award highlight her as the Most Determined and Goal-oriented Clinician. Continuously advancing her skills, she actively participates in various continuing education units.

Ravissante Health - A Symphony of Skill and Compassion

Beyond Healing – We Cultivate Wellness and Vitality
At Ravissante Health and Wellness Services, a team of highly skilled and passionate nurse practitioners converge to embody a philosophy rooted in holistic care. We transcend the conventional, focusing not only on ailments but on fostering an environment where wellness and vitality flourish.

Your Wellness Journey, Illuminated
To ascend as the premier healthcare sanctuary in our community, where compassionate, innovative, and collaborative care inspires patients to take the reins of their health and vivaciously embrace a life of wellness.

Crafting Personalized Health Narratives with Excellence and Care
We are devoted to unfolding a narrative of health that is patient-centered, wellness-promoting, and anchored in the pillars of prevention, innovation, and optimal health outcomes, meticulously crafted through the incorporation of the latest medical evidence and best practices.

Where Every Patient is a Unique Symphony
In the heart of Ravissante Health lies the belief that healthcare transcends clinical interventions. It’s a dance of relationships, an orchestra of care where each note, each move, is tailored to echo the unique needs, aspirations, and wellness journeys of our patients. It’s here, where professionalism and warmth intertwine, crafting an experience where patients are not just cared for but are heard, understood, and empowered.

Join Us on the Journey to Holistic Wellness

Step into a Harmonious Blend of Care, Compassion, and Expertise
Join us, step into a world where your health and well-being resonate in harmony, echoing the expertise and compassionate care that defines Ravissante Health and Wellness Services. Welcome home to holistic, patient-centered care crafted just for you.

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